Penn Fields School

Adjacent to the allotment, Penn Fields School use Boundary Way as a resource to support their curriculum. Classes throughout the school benefit from multi-sensory learning outdoors which contributes to growing independence and promoting health and wellbeing.   

Plot holder Howard Berry has facilitated this learning through sharing his knowledge and passing on growing skills and in 2017 this led to the school’s sixth form creating and maintaining their own plot.   

A Source Of Inspiration

In conjunction with Boundary Way Project, the school have also used the site as a source of creative inspiration, producing work in collage, photography and land art. This resulted in key stage 4 and sixth form pupils undertaking their Arts Award accreditation. 

More recently Boundary Way Project collaborated with Penn Fields to create a Virtual Artist Residency exploring accessible ways of learning using digital platforms. Participatory artist Hannah Ayre, worked to explore creativity, nature connection and wellbeing with Key Stage 3 pupils.

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