Wolves in the Woods

Wolves Play Cafe’s mission is to help create a safe, supportive and fun city for children of Wolverhampton to grow up in. ​​

We do this by delivering play across the city in partnership with other great organisations who share the same values, through Pay As You Feel stay and play sessions and distributing Play at Home Packs to families across the city.

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Our aims are to:

• Support the development of young children, especially those under 5, through play

• Create social spaces to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness of caregivers of young children in the city

• Support parental confidence of caregivers of young children in the city

We founded in 2018 and have delivered Wolves in the Woods fun, outdoor stay and play sessions in Boundary Way Community Garden since April 2020.

Find out more about the organisation and projects on our website.

Other ways to contact us:

Email: info@wolvesplaycafe.org

w: www.wolvesplaycafe.org

fb: Wolves Play Cafe

tw: @wolvesplaycafe