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Winter traditions with Anne Marie

Postcards from the Plot - Carolyn Morton introduces the Fugitive Wild Plot

Postcards from the Plot - Maria Billington Creates a Blackberry Oxymel

Postcards from the Plot - Maria Billington's Nettle Seed Recipe

Postcards from the Plot - Rediscovering Nettles



Postcards from the Plot - Carolyn Morton - Botanical Ink Tutorial

Winter Wonder – Wild Wreath Making with Gretel Cooper

Postcards from the Plot –Linda Nevill Printmaking

Postcards from the Plot – Hannah Ayre – A Postcard from Leith

Sustainable Floristry Tutorial



Boundary Way Plots by Emma Purshouse

Come to Me Now by Steve Pottinger

Joy of Herbie by Dave Pitt


Boundary Wonder by Santosh K Dary

Clarity by Priyanka Joshi

Missing by Kuli Kohli

Restoration by Priyanka Joshi

Garam Garam Chai by Kuli Kohli

A Mother’s Chai by Serina Achall

Food & Drink


Postcards from the Plot - a Sri Lankan recipe from Kanj's Kitchen

Postcards from the Plot - Cornsilk Tea with Maria Billington

Winter Wonder – Fruit Leather by Hannah Ayre

Winter Wonder – Kanj's Kitchen Sambar

Winter Wonder – Making Indian Tea with Kom Achall



Learning Resource: Making Cyanotypes with Hannah Ayre

Learning Resource: Creating Mandalas with Hannah Ayre

Help For Growers

Here you will find links to useful information and ideas to help you with your Boundary Way plot.