April 30th 2019

Beyondness of Bees Exhibition Enchants Visitors

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On Saturday, we were delighted to welcome artists Sue Brisco and Elise Stewart to Boundary Way with a wonderful exhibition that marks the culmination of their project 'The Beyondness of Bees'. The exhibition of work was created by participants in project and surrounded the theme of the world of bees.

Arts and science came together with drawing and textiles in this exhibition to convey powerful images of structure colour and form from the microscopic world of the bee and it couldn't have looked more perfect in the setting of the Boundary Way Polytunnel. Today we will be sharing some of the images from the fascinating day... ! Display of Bee Information[/caption] It was wonderful to see such a close up examination of bees in our allotment setting and the work in the exhibition was created at workshops with Sue & Elise. These took place throughout the duration of the project. Each workshop began with an investigation into the finer detail of the bee using microscopes to observe and draw bee specimens. These drawings were then translated into amazing stitch work. ! The exhibition buzzes with visitors.[/caption] The workshops gave participants of all abilities a chance to try drawing and stitching, from members of The Embroiderer's Guild to people who had never tried stitch-work before. The results were stunning regardless of the ability of the participant and each piece truly represented the fascinating, abstract world of the bee. In the middle of the day, Sue and Elise gave a talk to our Boundary Way visitors all about their work on their 'Beyondness of Bees' project and everyone was captivated by what they had to share. Boundary Way Project Lead, Moya Lloyd, then rounded off the talk with some context about our work and thanked the brilliant artists for sharing their project with us at the allotment. ! Artists Sue Brisco & Elise Stewart give a talk about their project and the work on display[/caption] Alongside the artwork, light boxes were on show which contained an artists impression of what a bee might see, using glow in the dark paint and shapes There were also wonderful bee-themed refreshments, including bee biscuits and honey punch. As you can imagine, it all went down very well. ! Visitors try out an exhibit of light boxes to get closer to the way that bees see the world.[/caption] Once again, a big thank you to Sue and Elise for bringing their exhibition to our space. We had a brilliant day and we hope if you joined us that you found the work as inspiring and interesting as we did. The Beyondness of Bees is an art-science project originally funded by Creative Black Country and in conjunction with Wildside Activity Centre.