July 29th 2021

Boundary Way Project Declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency

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Boundary Way Project declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency. We are in a state of global climate crisis and we are on the brink of causing irreversible damage to our planet, its atmosphere, its inhabitants and our future.

We recognise the important role of arts and culture in reaching and influencing others, showcasing creativity and inspiring change. Our vision is to celebrate the natural world, encouraging everyone to value and look after it.

No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced
David Attenborough

In 2021 the World Wildlife Fund has highlighted the UK as one of the most nature depleted countries in the world due to the impact of industrialised landscape and the intensification of agriculture. One in seven native species face extinction due to habitat loss, the pollution of rivers through fly tipping, and high levels of microplastics and pollinators are declining. Through research, development, partnerships, networking and programming we will keep learning, raising awareness and adapting our ways of working to highlight the crisis and how we can individually and collectively reduce our carbon footprint. In our creative programme we will explore and encourage awareness of biodiversity with reference to the natural heritage at Boundary Way Allotments and Community Garden. These are the areas we will focus on:

  1. We are working to minimise the environmental impacts of our work ranging from our digital outputs, travel to events and meetings and eliminating the use of single use plastic.
  2. We will promote and take part in wider environmental initiatives and awareness raising days and citizen science projects as well as creating our own.
  3. We will collaborate with artists to explore and support sustainable practice and facilitate connection and resource sharing.
  4. We will carry out and research and development around best practice in sustainability in the arts and cultural sector and take part in continuing professional development to equip our team to be ambassadors for Carbon Literacy.
  5. We will facilitate connection and collaboration through workshops, events online sharing and collectives.

We'll be sharing more details of our work and our action plan for sustainability on our new website which will be launched shortly. Contact us via email boundarywayproject@gmail.com for further details. Is this the Future of British Nature? The realities of UK nature - in pictures | WWF