Artist Hannah Boyd connected with the ethos of Boundary Way from the moment she stepped on the site and her enthusiasm, as both an artist and member of the team, has brought so much fun to the work that we are doing.

Hannah has been working hard on the allotment to create captivating art pieces for our Sense of Place exhibition, has run what seems like a never-ending stream of inspiring drawing workshops for all ages (all based on Boundary Way and the natural world) and has participated in many events, including an evening of Gongs in the Garden. Our time with Hannah has been full of positive and artistic energy and today we are going to share with you a bit more about what she has been up to at Boundary Way. ! Hannah on the Allotment and during a Gongs in the Garden Session[/caption] Hannah's drawing sessions have definitely been one of the highlights of her time with us. From her use of produce from the allotment to create still life scenes to her encouraging teaching style, helping visiting children to sketch the plants in the poly tunnel. Hannah really took the time in her workshops to make sure that everyone understood the essence of Boundary Way. Through her sessions she has shared her artistic and teaching talents with both plot holders and visiting public, allowing them the opportunity to learn how to sketch and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. Hannah herself also found the experience of teaching with us completely different to anything she had experienced before. She found that teaching in more of an outdoor space that she could connect with people in a different way than you normally would in a traditional classroom environment, and in discovering so found yet another way that Boundary Way stands out as a place for learning, creativity & nature to combine.!Mick, Shelley and Ivy taking part in one of Hannah's Drawing Workshops Mick, Shelley and Ivy taking part in one of Hannah's Drawing Workshops[/caption] As well as teaching others how to create stunning nature art, Hannah also spent a lot of time creating her own art inspired by Boundary Way. By becoming fully immersed in Boundary Way and everything that we had going on, Hannah was able to create five engaging works of nature, which were displayed amongst plants in our Sense of Place exhibition. Several of these watercolour works included typewriter text woven into their composition, interestingly exploring looking the language behind nature. We are hoping to do more work surrounding literature and art in the future, particularly poetry, and hope to exhibit more work like Hannah's. ! Hannah's Art Work in the Sense of Place Exhibition[/caption]

"Boundary Way is my happy place and it has given me much joy painting and drawing what I see around me. The workshops led by other members of the team have inspired me and helped me to look at the natural environment in a much richer way." - Hannah Boyd

!Hannah, with fellow artist Kanj, taking part in a workshop at Boundary Way Hannah, with fellow artist Kanj, taking part in a workshop at Boundary Way[/caption] Hannah's time at Boundary Way has been incredibly inspiring and we have loved seeing her work with people from the allotment and the local community to nurture their artistic talent. Our work with talented artists like Hannah has been funded through Arts Council Grants for the Arts to support research and development work to establish Boundary Way as a venue for community arts activity, and we hope to continue working with them in the future.