June 4th 2018

Fun & Discovery at Our Photography Open Day

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Following our successful [Sensing Nature Day](https://www.boundaryway.co.uk/2018/05/30/sensing-nature-arts-award-day-with-penn-fields-school/) with Penn Fields School last Friday, we continued the fun into Saturday with a Photography Open Day for the public.

We held the day in the Community Garden and with several amazing workshops and a huge display of artwork and photographs, we had a wonderful day. Read on to find out a bit more about what we got up to … We kicked off the day with a workshop from Ann Walker, the artist who created our project and the Shed Camera Obscura, which sits proudly at the top of the allotment. She returned to Boundary Way to show run a workshop to show visitors how to make their very own origami camera obscuras and the results were fantastic. Ann’s new project is based around origami camera obscuras in public spaces – you can read more about it here – so it was really exciting to see her sharing her ideas and skills with everyone at Boundary Way. We all had so much fun testing them out too and were delighted that they worked beautifully! !Creating the Origami Camera Obscuras Creating the Origami Camera Obscuras[/caption] After the workshop Ann then helped everyone to learn more about early photography and the fascinating history of not only the Camera Obscura, but photography in general too. It was a really insightful talk and our visitors left feeling very inspired. Throughout the day our refreshments, including rhubarb and custard cake, were provided by Tilly - a fellow plot holder from The Crafty Gardener. The Crafty Gardener use their plots at Boundary Way to provide opportunities for adults who have a learning disability and/ or mental health needs, and we are so excited that they will be joining us to provide refreshments and some stalls of plants and crafts at our next Open Day on 30th June. If the delicious food from Saturday was anything to go by then you will not want to miss out! !Photography Open Day in full swing Photography Open Day in full swing[/caption] Also available throughout the day, was a chance to take a walk through the incredible exhibition of work by Penn Fields Students that we kept on display after Friday's successful event. Alongside this we displayed photographs taken by artist and photographer, Geoff Broadway from the Living Memory Project. His portraits of Boundary Way plot holders went down a treat and it was lovely to be able to display his photographs from last years BBQ once again. These images really captured the community at Boundary Way and so having them on display was a delight both for us and for the visitors who got to enjoy them! !An introduction to sun printing An introduction to sun printing[/caption] In the afternoon, we were thrilled to welcome artist Laura Hickman back to Boundary Way to run another hands on sun printing workshop. The event, which was subsidised by the Heritage Lottery, was an opportunity for visitors to discover cameraless photography and create their own prints using found natural objects from around the site. !Sunprint Workshop Sunprint Workshop[/caption] The process of sun printing actually dates back to the 1840s and combined with the power of sun and water allows you to create your own magical blueprint. Luckily, after a day of cloudy weather the sun came out for us at the perfect moment and worked its magic, with stunning results. The afternoon was filled with fun and many a wonderful print was created, as can be seen in the photographs here. !The finished sunprint result The finished sunprint result[/caption] Sun printing bought us to the end of our Photography Open Day, full of discovery and creation. Thank you to everyone who came along to Boundary Way, and if you didn’t make it this time then don’t worry, there’s always next time. Our next Open Day is set to be our biggest yet and will be taking place on 30th June. For more information, visit our Events Page or Facebook Events Page. This open day was made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.