April 6th 2022

Community Garden is Given New Lease of Life

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The Community Garden was first created at Boundary Way Allotments in the early 2000s, and was initially well loved for many years. Over the last decade, it had become tired and uncared for, leaving it overgrown and in serious need of a party of workers. As activity has grown in the garden in recent years, a group of hardworking plotholders and volunteers have come together to give it the love it deserves and we're so excited to share some of the progress of this with you today. 

The bird hide was one of the first areas to receive a face-lift and the work has been overseen by the wonderful volunteer Caitlin, who has really bought the area back to life. Caitlin, along with several other volunteers, has cleared the area around the hide, repainted it and roofed it, laid bark chippings and created a peaceful spot for anyone keen to observe nature.

Alongside the bird hide, volunteers have been working hard to clear the bank behind the orchard to reinstate a lost path. New steps now lead up to ridge, where it is hoped the shed Camera Obscura will be re-sited in the coming months. This will provide a new view and perspective for the Obscura, which will take in the orchard and Wrekin.

Also adjacent to the bird hide, the chalet has been completely redone following the rotting of its floor and general tiredness. Volunteers have removed the floor, which is now played by the concrete area; painted the shed inside and out, replaced broken panels and much more. It is hoped the area will prove to be a great meeting space for groups and plot holders and has already began hosting the Walking for Health group on Fridays and was made into a cinema for Boundary Way Project's film showing as part of their RESET Open Day.

The chalet now also has rainwater collection and overflow collection to the rear, which is a great way to preserve water and make the garden more sustainable.

The pond has undergone some great work in the last few years, it is now smaller due to leaks but is providing a wonderful home to many wild creatures - such as frogs, newts and many insects. There are log habitats and a great viewing platform for all to discover.

As well as the latest improvements, elsewhere in the garden other changes that have happened include:

  • Maintaining and clearing of trees and bushes
  • Removal of rubbish from rear track
  • Interventions such as a mud kitchen and natural dens by Wolves Play Cafe
  • Log entranceway to the Sensory Garden
  • Willow Arch entrance to woodland walk
  • Rebarking of the polytunnel and removal of previous metal plant benches, replaced with new tables.
  • Installation of wood dragon sculpture in the storytelling area by artist Laura Hickman
  • And much more!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers from the allotment and local community who have been doing such great work in the Community Garden. If you'd like to get involved with volunteering or aiding on the allotment Committee, then please do get in touch with Howard at boundaryway@gmail.com

All images in this post were taken by Dee Patel