April 19th 2022

New Nature Inspired Poetry from Boundary Way Writer's Group

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We were delighted to showcase the latest work of the Boundary Way Writer's Group at our recent Boundary Way Project Open Day, 'Reset'. 

Boundary Way Project offer friendly, online meetings for anyone interested in writing poetry that explores nature and green issues. These sessions are suitable for all abilities and they provide an opportunity to create and share poetry in a relaxed workshop environment. The results of these monthly sessions were shared at the Open Day through both visual and audio display.

Poetry written by the poets who attend the sessions was pinned around the Community Garden, nestling within the landscape and nature. The literature created a trail, which people could explore and enjoy reading the work, with many of the poems sitting in appropriate places - for example Britta Benson's 'Robin' was displayed on the newly refurbished bird hide. It was great to see visitors discovering the work in unexpected places and enjoying it in the natural setting it was inspired by.

Alongside these displayed poems, we also used audio technology to create poetry boxes, which sheltered in hidden spots for people to listen to. One was situated in 'Poetry Corner' above the chair in the storytelling area and the other in the bird hide. These immersive poetry experiences were another way to share the group's work, alongside commissioned poems from 2020-2022, and it was a delight to see people discover and enjoy them.

If you missed the Open Day, there's still a chance to listen to the wonderful work of Boundary Way Writer's Group - as played in the storytelling area - and we hope you thoroughly enjoy listening. Why not take it outside on your phone and spend a quiet moment in nature?

Listen here

Images by Rachel Gillies and Dee Patel.