Site Rules & Guidance

Rules and guidance for new members. The Boundary Way Allotment rules are currently as follows:

Our rules

  • Do not allow weeds to spread
  • Look after communal paths and boundaries
  • Do not allow rubbish to accumulate, take it home and bin it
  • Do not have fires: compost green waste. (Speak to a committee member if you have wood to burn)
  • Save water by capturing the run-off from structures on your plot

Further Guidance

The Committee have updated the rule book during the winter, you can view or download the new rule book by following this link.

If you have visitors coming to Boundary Way, please ensure they have read our Site Etiquette page.

Tenant's agreement

This is the agreement that the Local Authority requires us to keep.

Guidance for taking on an overgrown plot

National Allotment Society (NSALG) provide guidelines for clearing a new plot.