July 6th 2021

Boundary Way Project's #30DaysWild Round Up

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July is here and with the arrival of this sunny summer month, we take a moment to look back on June and the month long #30DaysWild challenge.

The challenge is set each year by The Wildlife Trusts and it challenges each of us to to spend #30DaysWild. The reason? For our health, wellbeing, for wildlife & for the planet! This nature connection challenge is all about bringing us closer to the natural world and we have loved spending the month doing a Random Act of Wildness each day and sharing them on Instagram and Twitter. For those of you who might have missed the challenge, or those of you who just want to relive this month of natural fun, today we are going to round up Boundary Way Project's #30DaysWild Challenge from Instagram.

Day 30 - It's the final day of 30 Days Wild with @thewildlifetrusts and we have had a great month carrying out #randomactsofwildness every day to help us better connect with the natural world! Did you take part in the challenge and what was your favourite wild moment of June?

Day 29 - Day 29 of #30DaysWild and we can't wait to be joined online by plot holder and florist Gretel Cooper from @queeniesfloraldesign for a Sustainable Floristry session a week today! The session will combine a talk, demonstration and ’makealong’, where Gretel will be using flowers and foraged items from her allotment at Boundary Way.

Day 28 - What fresh food have you been growing this year? Do you grow them for yourself or share them with the wildlife?

Day 27 - Mindful moments. Join us for a rejuvenating session of gentle movement, mindfulness and meditation in an online session with @clare_wassermann_art on the 5th July 10.30am - 12pm. This month she’ll be focusing on the sun and warmth, growth, unfurling and relaxation.

Day 26 - Week 2 - fantastic progress with the bird hide improvements with Hannah Boyd.

Day 25 - Midsummer celebration. Find out more about seasonal folklore in our latest blogpost!

Day 24 - #botanicalinkcollective. Thank you to @camocarolynmorton and everyone who joined us to explore botanical inks in our online meet up yesterday. We’re developing a collective to support sharing and collaboration- email us to find out more at boundarywayproject@gmail.com

Day 23 - Our sculpture by @laurahickmanart in the Community Garden is inspiring some creativity. A big thank you to #wolvesplaycafe for setting this up!

Day 22 - Day 22 of #30dayswild and we're loving seeing all the summer colour spreading across the allotment! What colours can you spot in your local green space or out of your window today?

Day 21 - Today we’re spotting pondlife! What can you see when you look closely?

Day 20 - Day 20 #30dayswild #poppies

Day 19 - Bird Hide - the start of the transformation.

Day 18 - Day 18 #30dayswild. Summer on the plots.

Day 17 - Day 17 #30dayswild #randomactsofwildness Thistles.

Day 16 - The elder in the storytelling area is in full bloom! We can’t wait for the berries for the perfect cordial!

Day 15 - There are over 200 species of bee in the UK and we can support them by planting flowers rich in nectar, such as foxgloves or lavender! How many bees can you spot today?

Day 14 - we're getting creative! We love to do a leaf rubbing, gathering the texture and patterns of nature in a piece of art! To do your own, simply place a leaf underneath a piece of paper and rub over it with a wax crayon or pencil. You can even cut it out at the end and collage with your shapes! We love nature art!

Day 13 - Since 2016 we’ve been mapping plants at Boundary Way and their uses with herbalist Maria Billington @herbhealthmama. Join Maria this Wednesday evening to find out more about the uses of Summer herbs in a friendly, interactive session via zoom.

Day 12 - A lovely morning with @hannah.boyd.art exploring Boundary Way’s Garden and using @inaturalistorg to record nature finds.

Day 11 - Mindful moments at Boundary Way this afternoon watching the bees enjoying these dazzling lupins grown by Yvonne. Join us online for a rejuvenating mindfulness session on Monday with @clare_wassermann_art from 10.30-12 - gentle movement and techniques for relaxation in Midsummer.

Day 10 - We’ve been making inks with plants.Working with artist @camocarolynmorton we’re developing a collective for people who would like to explore botanical ink making and connect with others doing the same. We plan to showcase new work produced, at Boundary Way in October as part of #wolverhamptonopenstudios weekend.

Day 9 - Today is the perfect day to get outside and do some species identification. Here's a snap from late last year when we were on a mission to identify fungi in the Community Garden, but today we might try wild flowers instead! What can you identify in your garden, local green space or out of your window?

Day 8 - One of our best kept secrets in the Community Garden is our bird hide! Maybe it is because it is so well hidden. This makes it the perfect place to spot all manner of bird life at Boundary Way! What birds have you spotted recently? And can you spot one today as your #randomactofwildness?

Day 7 - Boundary Way sits on the boundary between the city and the countryside. On a clear day, we can see all the way over to the Wrekin Hill in Shropshire. Can you spot it?

Day 6 - #30dayswild #dandelions

Day 5 - #30dayswild #comfrey. Beautiful and useful. Day 4 - Multi sensory exploring in Boundary Way’s sensory garden.

Day 3 - We spotted this colourful beetle in a patch of nettles in a hidden wild corner of the allotment and just about managed to capture a photo. We’ve been recording our nature findings via @inaturalistorg - helping to contribute to International citizen science.

Day 2 - Today we're sharing some #randomactsofwildness inspiration with this amazing natural den, created by Wolves in the Woods playgroup in the Community Garden. Den building, with fallen branches and leaves, is a great way to have fun and spend time together outdoors. Your den could be a shelter, or even become a bird hide for you to do some bird spotting from!

Day 1 - Today we’re joining wildlife lovers across the country for the #bigwildbreakfast. Grab your morning coffee and head outside for a breakfast amongst nature, or why not fling open your windows and let nature in. What’s your breakfast of choice for today’s #randomactsofwildness? Did you take part in #30dayswild? You can catch up on our Twitter #30dayswild, which we did alongside Instagram with loads more nature connecting activities, on our Twitter feed here.

Main Image Credit: Rachel Gillies