April 28th 2021

Get Involved: City Nature Challenge 2021

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Boundary Way Project is looking forward to taking part in the City Nature Challenge this year, which will take place from 30th April - 3rd May!

The City Nature Challenge is an international effort to encourage people to find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe. It is about connecting people and communities with nature through encouraging us all to record and upload our finds to gather important information about our wildlife and environment. Last year ‘Birmingham and the Black Country’ took part in the challenge for the first time, and over the course of the four days we managed to record over 16,000 records of 1,300 different species - with highlights including weasels, buzzards, green-winged orchids and some insect species which had never been recorded here before! This result meant that we managed to spot more wildlife in Birmingham and the Black Country than any other European city!

We'd love for you to join us in your city - be that Wolverhampton or further afield - and come together to discover our local environments. This is vital research that we can all get involved in and helps us to study and protect the species in our local areas. We hope to be at the allotment documenting what we can find and sharing that through the challenge, using the spotting skills we learnt during last year's Big Butterfly Count. This will be logged under Birmingham and the Black Country's wildlife, so let's see what we can find! There are a number of ways you can join in if you live in the Birmingham and Black Country Area - -download the free iNaturalist App on your phone and spot and record wildlife in your local area and upload it -share what you have found on Social Media - tag Boundary Way Project if you are nearby and use the hashtag #boundarywayproject and #citynaturechallenge -undertake a wildlife mission - have a look at the diagram below for ideas -try out your identification skills by identifying what you see and what others have uploaded - see what people have found on Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust's iNaturalist page here

Ideas for wildlife missions from The Wildlife Trust

Here's more information about how to get involved, from Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust City Nature Challenge 2021 | The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country (bbcwildlife.org.uk)We look forward to seeing what you can find.