August 27th 2020

‘Poet’s, Prattler’s & Pandemonialists’ Explore Boundary Way

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We are really looking forward to working with ‘[Poet’s, Prattler’s & Pandemonialists](’ as part of our new project [Postcards from the Plot](, which aims to explore the meaning and importance of allotments through a series of creative commissions.

Emma Purshouse, Steve Pottinger and Dave Pitt are the wonderful poets that make up the collective and as part of the project will each be writing a new poem inspired by our site. The new work that they create will be presented in a short film by filmmaker Rachel Gillies and we can't wait to share the inspiration that they find at Boundary Way. As a bit of background, the 'Poet’s, Prattler’s & Pandemonialists' formed in 2016 and they outline seven aims of their collective on their website:

  1. Convince the world poetry is a bag of awesome wrapped up with a bow of wonder.
  2. Convince the world to write some poetry.
  3. Convince some of the world to stand up and read that poetry in front of an audience.
  4. Promote and encourage acts.
  5. Particularly ones from the Black Country.
  6. Provide platforms for people to watch and perform poetry.
  7. Have fun

That sounds pretty good to us. The trio have created plays, performances, are experienced workshop facilitators and we are delighted to have them onboard for this project. Emma, Steve and Dave visited Boundary Way to explore the site and get a feel for the allotment through talking to plot holders. They wandered taking in the sights, making notes and gathering inspiration, and we can't wait to hear the final poems, which we will release across social media. As well as creating their own poetry, the 'Poet’s, Prattler’s & Pandemonialists' will also be running two online Zoom workshops, which will give you the chance to get involved and create your own poetry. The workshops will be creative sessions run by Steve and Emma. The first will allow you to interact to create haiku and list poems about your allotment, garden, or favourite green space and the second will again allow you to take part in an interactive workshop, this time to learn how to create renga and recipe poems. Book your workshop places below:Postcards from the Plot Online List & Haiku Poetry Workshop – Book here for 13th September 2020Postcards from the Plot Online Recipe & Renga Poetry Workshop – Book here for 23rd September 2020