January 27th 2021

Winter Wonder - Fruit Leather by Hannah Ayre

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We are delighted to be sharing our second film with Edinburgh artist Hannah Ayre as part of our Winter Wonder programme, which aims to explore creative ways of connecting with the natural world in current times and bring people together online during further lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Today Hannah joins us from her allotment in Leith, Edinburgh and demonstrates making Fruit Leather, a wonderful fruity snack that promises to hit the spot! Hannah starts the film on her allotment explaining how creating fruit leather is a way of preserving fruit that you may have left over from your allotment, garden or shop. It is a technique that is experimental and allows all sorts of sweeteners and flavours to be added to help create a great versatile and healthy snack that is delicious too! The film talks us through all the stages of the recipe to create fruit leather, which involves taking your fruit and heating it or blending it, sieving, adding any extra flavours you'd like and baking on a low heat. Once you've done this there's only cutting and storing before your fruit leather is ready for you to snack on.

To watch Hannah's Fruit Leather Tutorial film click here.

We think these look delicious and simply cannot wait to try them out, what fruit are you going to use up first? One of the other great things about this recipe from Hannah is that it encourages us to make something out of fruit that may otherwise be wasted and go to waste. This is so important on our journey to live more sustainably as it keeps food out of landfills and in our bellies, as well as saving us money too and keeping us healthy! It's a win for everyone, we think.